Best Coffee Shops near your Lake Jackson Apartments

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We’re thrilled to introduce the first ever blog post from Plantation Park! The staff at your Lake Jackson apartments will be writing two blogs per month and sharing them with our residents. In each post, we’ll be talking about some of the best restaurants in town, sharing apartment living tips, and more. We hope you enjoy these posts, and that you’ll check back often to hang out with us here on the Plantation Park blogs page.


In this week’s post, we’ll be talking about the best coffee shops in the area. There are plenty to choose from, and they’re far more authentic than the big chain stores you’re probably used to grabbing your coffee at. Whether you want to grab a quick cup of joe on your way to work or you’re looking for a quiet workspace where you can hang all day, the cafes on this list should have just what you need.


Let’s dive right into the list of coffee shops, shall we? When you’re done reading through this week’s post, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at Plantation Park — the new apartments Lake Jackson residents choose for upscale comfort.


Brew n’ Bake


This first place on our list has more coffee options than anywhere else in town. They’ve got tons of espresso drinks, and the baristas know what they’re doing and will be happy to tell you about each drink. Brew n’ Bake is a cozy, inviting place that’s perfect for grabbing a coffee and catching up with friends. This place actually also makes amazing frappuccinos and other  sugary drinks, so check it out next time you need a sugar rush with your caffeinated drink.


Brazos Blends & Brew


We love when owners hang out in their own coffee shops, which is why we’re big fans of Brazos Blends & Brew. This cafe has top-notch coffee, but it’s also got delicious fruit smoothies like pineapple and strawberry smoothies. Grab one for breakfast if you go! You’ll feel right at home as soon as you step inside.


Paris Texas Bakery


The coolest thing about Paris Texas Bakery is that they have a French-trained chef in the kitchen whipping up pastries and quiche. The food is definitely the highlight of the menu at Paris Texas Bakery, but the coffee can hold its own. People actually come from all around to try this place, but you’re lucky enough to have right around the corner! Give it a shot next time you feel like grabbing a coffee with your snack!


With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of the best coffee shops near your community of Lake Jackson apartments. We’d like to thank those of you that took some time out of your day to read the latest brand new blog post from Plantation Park. If we’ve done our jobs, you should have a whole new list of awesome neighborhood coffee shops to try next time you need to get caffeinated!

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